“Wulverblade” PAX West Trailer

Included in the barrage of games announced in the Nindies Showcase video, Fully Illustrated and Darkwind Media’s “Wulverblade” is finally getting released.

After hammering away on development since 2013, the game is finally 100 percent complete. “Wulverblade” is releasing on Nintendo Switch first, and will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam shortly after.

According to the game’s website, it is a classic, side-scrolling game with beat-em-up action and atmospheric soundtrack. It features cell animated characters, journeying across eight different levels based on real life locations. Its story is set in 120 A.D. when the Romans invaded Britannia.

The game is currently playable at PAX West, but for those who aren’t at PAX, the trailer is below.

Wulverblade PAX West Trailer

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