World of Final Fantasy Heads to PC

PC players can finally play cute versions of their favorite Final Fantasy characters when World of Final Fantasy releases for Steam on Nov 21.

Previously released for PlayStation 4 and Vita last year, World of Final Fantasy follows the adventure of siblings Lann and Reynn around their world, Grymoire. Each area in the world is from previous series entries, with key characters inhabiting the land. Everyone will fight monsters called Mirages using an active time battle system, all while staying in chibi form.

Players who purchase the game for $39.99 until Nov 28 will automatically get the Day One Edition. This package includes a digital soundtrack sampler and a wallpaper featuring series characters and creatures. In the meantime, check out the game’s announcement trailer and key features below.


  • STEAM Trading Cards
  • STEAM Achievements
  • Full keyboard and controller support
  • Extensive list of bonus legendary creatures and characters, including Sephiroth, Balthier, White Chocobo™ and Glow Moogle™.


World of Final Fantasy - PC Announcement Trailer

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