“Wizards Tourney” Out on Steam Today

Party game Wizards Tourney from Spanish studio A Bonfire of Souls is out on Steam today for $9.99. The game supports up to four players locally, with two players able to share the same controller if needed. Online play is enabled via Parsec. The PlayStation 4 version will launch later this year.

Here’s the official announcement:

For lovers of non-stop party melees, Spanish independent studio A Bonfire of Souls is releasing Wizards Tourney on Steam (PC) today.

Wizards Tourney is a competitive party game for up to four players in which different warlocks and witches from around the globe challenge each other to prove who is the best wizard of all. Choose among 12 different characters and start the battle in 6 fantastical settings full of traps and obstacles. Wizards Tourney can be played online through Parsec.

“In Wizards Tourney you can compete either against your friends in the same computer or online if you use Parsec”, says David Báez, Game Designer and Programmer at A Bonfire of Souls.

“Select the magician you feel more comfortable with and start the the battle right away –direct gameplay just like classic party games do!”, highlights Álvaro Anaya, Game Designer and Graphical Artist at A Bonfire of Souls.
Wizards Tourney will also be released on PlayStation 4 sometime this year. The game has been awarded by the regional biz magazine Málaga Hoy as one of the best National Indie Games in 2018, and it has been selected by the PlayStation Talents program in Spain as a featured project.


  • A chaotic and fun competition. Never stand still, take action!
  • Each trial is a different challenge and employs a unique game mechanic. Don’t forget to annoy your rivals!
  • The environment is different in each gameplay. Think fast or you will fail!
  • Wizards, sorcerers and conjurers from all over the world.
  • Simple controls and easy to learn rules. A tourney in which everyone can participate, but just the best will win!

Wizards Tourney Trailer

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