“V-RALLY 4” – Rally Mode Gameplay Videos

Ahead of V-RALLY 4‘s release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam next month, Bigben and Kylotonn Racing released two new rally mode gameplay videos.

Each video, one set in Malaysia and one in Kenya, feature an entire rally from start to finish.  Read on below for more details about the rally mode, and then watch both videos to see the game in action.

About V-RALLY 4 Rally Mode

A rally is made up of several timed stages called “specials” that severely test a driver’s nerves. To be a successful rally driver, you need to love risk, be able to keep your head straight when going through tricky areas, and have the ability to adapt when unexpected weather complicates matters. Your co-driver’s notes are often critical.

In V-Rally 4‘s rally mode, the highly varied environments of the specials require you to draw on all your driving skills. Speed through the breathtaking environments of Malaysia, Japan, Siberia, Kenya, Sequoia Park and Monument Valley! Pay attention to your co-driver’s notes displayed on the screen so you won’t be surprised by a tight bend!

Rally Mode – Malaysia

Rally Mode – Kenya

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