“Twin Robots” Heads to PSN

Ratalaika Games is bringing another affordable game to the PlayStation Network with the release of Thinice Games’ “Twin Robots.”

The 2.5D puzzle platformer game originally released on Steam back in August 2015 for $4.99. Ratalaika Games ported the game over to Wii U in June 2016, and is now doing the same for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Additionally, those who purchase one version from the PS Network can enjoy the cross-buy benefits of both systems.

“Twin Robots” entrusts players with the escape of two imprisoned robots. Control one robot at a time by yourself or work with a second player via split screen to help the robots reach the exit. Run, jump, and solve puzzles as you figure out how to get the bots to safety.

If you’re curious about the game, you can check out its features and PSN launch trailer below.


  • Strategic Thinking: Any move you make – from running to jumping and climbing – drains your battery life. Plan your path through the factory strategically and save enough battery life to open the exit door in each stage. One robot can even use his battery to charge up the other robot.
  • Fast Reflexes: Some of the obstacles will test your platforming skills. From wall jumps to moving platforms, spiky pits and conveyor belts, there’s a challenge for everyone.
  • Exploring: One of the robots is always trapped in a deadly prison at the beginning of each stage. You need to find a red button to release him from his demise. Don’t take too long!
  • Puzzle Solving: Throughout the game, there are many instances where both robots will be required to help one another solve puzzles.
  • Local Co-op: Invite a friend to let then control the other robot via split-screen.
  • Speedrunning: The top 3 best times for each stage will be saved.



Twin Robots - PSN Launch Trailer

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