Handmade Mystery Game “Trüberbrook” Launches Kickstarter

German production company btf and publisher Headup Games launched a Kickstarter campaign today for their upcoming game, titled Trüberbrook.

According to Headup Games, Trüberbrook is an atmospheric sci-fi mystery adventure game set in rural 1960s Germany. Taking on the role of a 20-something American student named Hans Tannhauser, players will get to know the residents of Trüberbrook and eventually save the world. The game is estimated to be between 7-10 hours long and aims to immerse players with its handmade miniature set.

Trüberbrook - Kickstarter Trailer

The Kickstarter campaign already passed its halfway point in funding, with pledges totaling around $60,000 (52,000 euros) in less than 24 hours. The goal is set at $93,000 (80,000 euros), and the campaign will run until Dec 14. Those who pledge at least $29 (25 euros) will get a digital version of the game for Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Switch. Those who prefer to play their games in mobile will have to wait a little bit – the campaign only teased this version as a “likely” port.

Curious about this rising Kickstarter project? You can check out its features below.


  • Suspense! Thrills! Mystery! After all, it’s a single player adventure game. We want to keep you entertained.
  • Inspired by Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Stranger Things & Star Trek
  • Never-seen-before clash of genres : Sci-Fi, “Heimatfilm” and mystery
  • Join American physics student Tannhauser, stranger in a strange land (cold-war rural Germany)
  • Challenging puzzles!
  • All kinds of strange village residents and spa guests, many eccentric characters that’ll grow on you
  • Indulging in universal themes such as love, friendship, loyalty, feeling disconnected from home, self-discovery and dinosaurs
  • Handmade miniature scenery: From the rotten boat rental to the cozy old-fashioned guesthouse, caves and woods, everything is in there
  • Digitized scenery through the mysterious technique of photogrammetry
  • English and German localization with full voice acting!
  • An atmospheric, moody soundtrack
  • Versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch
  • A likely mobile port at a later time.
  • Up to 10 hours of super exciting, seamless gameplay
  • Release scheduled for late 2018 – not the longest wait!


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