Crystal DualShock 4 Coming Later This Month

The PlayStation Blog revealed today that three translucent colors for the DualShock 4 will be on their way to store shelves later this month.

The limited edition colors are crystal (white), blue crystal, and red crystal. While the front of the controller is translucent, the back is still a solid color. The DualShock 4’s blue light bar blends in well with the crystal and blue crystal controllers.

Additionally, these controllers are also retailer exclusives. Crystal controllers are only at GameStop, Best Buy has red crystal, and Walmart has blue crystal. They are priced at $64.99. And even though GameStop says that Sept 30 is the release date, there’s no official release date yet.

These limited edition translucent controllers are available now for preorder. Sony did not mention how long these controllers are available at their respective retailers. To help you decide which color to get, you can click on one of the images below to see a bigger version.


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