To Hell With Hell – Teaser Trailer

Publisher Deck13 and developer Lazurite Games announced today that they are releasing their retro-styled roguelike bullet hell, To Hell With Hell, in Steam’s Early Access on July 19.

To Hell With Hell puts players into the role of Natasia, a stripper who was on the way to work an the apocalypse takes place. Now she must fight hordes of enemies with various weapons, all while wearing a bikini in Hell. You can watch her in action through the teaser trailer below.

Key Features:

  • Masks! Since you’re wearing a bikini you should probably cover yourself behind masks (super effective!), transforming you into a knight, a demon or even a clown.
  • Tons and tons of weapons! You can even use a unicorn to slay your enemies (SERIOUSLY!).
  • Hell. For real. But also other places… because reasons.
  • Randomly generated levels – you’ll never know what to expect after each and every death. And there’ll be lots of deaths.

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