“Time Recoil” to Release on Xbox One

Finland-based developer 10tons Ltd announced today that their game “Time Recoil” is now available for preorder on Xbox One and will release on Sept 19.

Published via the [email protected] self-publishing program, the game is a slow-motion top-down shooter. Players must kill enemies in order to slow down time, and getting continuous kills extends the effect. Its regular price is $13.99 but there is currently a 20 percent discount.

Time Recoil Release Trailer

Originally released on Steam in August 10, “Time Recoil” is currently at 94 percent positive reviews. Steam players are comparing the game to similar ones such as “Superhot” and “Hotline Miami.” And while console versions were originally promised to release on Q3 2017, there is currently no known release date for the PlayStation version.

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