“Thimbleweed Park” Now Out on PS4

Thimbleweed Park PS4 Trailer

Developers Terrible Toybox announced today that their crowdfunded whodunnit game “Thimbleweed Park” is out for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

The murder mystery game for PlayStation also has a new feature that’s not available in other versions: the Thimbleweed Park arcade. The extra arcade games are locked by default, so players will have to find a way to unlock these games. The arcade game feature will be in all versions going forward. The PC versions via Steam and GOG will be the first ones to get the free update.

“Thimbleweed Park” is available for download at the PlayStation Store for $19.99 or equivalent. Switch, iOS, and Android versions will be available at a later date, with the former two available for demo at PAX West.


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