Thief Arthur Joins SNK Heroines As DLC Fighter

Thief Arthur from Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is joining the SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy roster as a DLC fighter.

Thief Arthur’s announcement comes just a few weeks after Terry Bogard was announced as the last regular fighter in the roster. Her inclusion coincides with the PlayStation 4 announcement of Million Arthur, where SNK character Iori Yagami will appear as a guest fighter. For those unfamiliar with the game, Square Enix’s Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is a 2D fighting game previously released for arcade machines in Japan.

This guest fighter will be available for purchase on Sept 13, just six days after the game’s release on Sept 7. In the meantime, learn more about her by watching the trailer below.

About Thief Arthur

From the Million Arthur series, Thief Arthur arrives and steals the show! Once long ago, she infiltrated Camelot to steal some of its legendary treasure, accidentally removed the legendary blade Excalibur, and became king! Her stubbornness gets in the way of showing kindness towards others as well. Now, she arrives in SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzyto swiftly kick, punch, and whack(!) her opponents before snagging their treasure!

Thief Arthur Trailer

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