Tesla vs Lovecraft Gets Switch Release Date

Hot on the heels of its Xbox One announcement, 10tons Ltd announced that their latest twin-stick shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft is headed to the Switch on March 16.

The game’s release on the hybrid coincides with the Xbox One date, with the PlayStation 4 version releasing just three days prior. And just like the other two, the Switch version is priced at $14.99. 10tons has not specified a pre-order or release day discount for eShop purchases, however.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Release Trailer

Similar to the company’s earlier game CrimsonlandTesla vs Lovecraft pits gun-wielding players against lots of Lovecraftian monsters. But unlike Crimsonland where only gun upgrades are available, Tesla vs Lovecraft employs two mechanics:

  • Quantum teleport which enables players to warp to a short distance through anything. Comes with three replenishable charges.
  • Tesla-Mech battle robot which enables players to blast and stomp enemies with no consequences for 20 seconds. Find six mech pieces from various levels in order to activate.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the game? The Steam version released on January 26 and costs $14.99.

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