Tesla vs Lovecraft Coming Soon to Xbox One

Finnish studio 10tons announced today that their latest top-down, twin-stick shooter game, Tesla vs Lovecraft, is headed to Xbox One on March 16.

Originally released for PC via Steam on January 26, Tesla vs Lovecraft lets players take the role of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. On the cusp of finishing an important invention, author H.P. Lovecraft burns down Tesla’s laboratory and steals other items. Utilize static energy and other gadgets such as the X-Ray Blade in order to fight Lovecraft’s horde of monsters and retrieve your items back.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Release Trailer

Digital pre-orders are now live for the game along with a 20 percent discount. During the pre-order period, players can purchase the game for $11.99 instead of its regular price of $14.99. Grab your nearby friends because aside from 4K support, the game has four-player local coop with split screen capabilities.

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