“Terroir” Launches Out of Early Access

Curious wine enthusiasts can finally start bottling their own wine once the winemaking tycoon game “Terroir” launches out of Steam Early Access on Sept 20.

Originally launched into Early Access back in May 17 of this year, the game puts players in charge of their own wine estate in Bordeaux, France. Everyone starts their vineyard with one planting tile, which can be expanded up to 33 tiles. Each hexagonal tile can be set as one of six available planting soil types. Through a selection of red and white grape varieties, players can create a variety of wines using different winemaking processes.

To accompany the launch date announcement, the developers at General Interactive Co. published a launch trailer for the game.

Terroir Launch Trailer

“Terroir” is currently priced at $9.99 on Steam. The developers have not mentioned if the game’s price will change once the full release comes around.


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