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Banner Saga Trilogy Art

Banner Saga Trilogy Now in Stores

It's time to binge on "The Banner Saga" with your Switch.

Banner Saga 3 Screenshot (13)

The Banner Saga 3 – Switch Review

The caravan has been through so much. It's time for the finale.

Banner Saga 2 Screenshot 8

The Banner Saga 2 – Switch Review

It's cold and the Sun stopped rising, but you must keep going.

Banner Saga Trailer Contest Art

Win Prizes With “The Banner Saga Trailer Contest”

Like making videos? Love Banner Saga? Stoic has a contest for you.

The Banner Saga Screenshot (8)

The Banner Saga – Switch Review

It's the start of a long and arduous journey.

Banner Saga 3 Screenshot 3

Peeking Into the Magic of “The Banner Saga”

The first installment in the three-part The Banner Saga series is coming to Switch in two days. What have I learned so far?