Steam Games Last Week: June 11-17, 2018

As expected, a deluge of announcements came out of E3’s gates last week. It was a cornucopia of titles, all aiming to fill our time either later this year or sometime next year. So while waiting for those games to come out, let’s look at some Steam games that are ready to be enjoyed now. Here are some of the interesting releases on Steam last week:

System Siege (Early Access)

Developer/Publisher: 56 Game Studios
Price: $4.99
System Siege ScreenshotPick one of the three commanders and guide your units in battle using your commander’s unique skill. This turn-based strategy game will see you battling against the androids in order to save humanity. Learn the basics during the tutorials, then take your skills online for a quick match.


Super Bomberman R

Developer/Publisher: Konami
Price: $39.99
Super Bomberman R PC ScreenshotThe Bomberman title that initially launched on Switch is also now on Steam (along with other platforms). With exclusive bombers for this version only, PC players can now enjoy the game’s story mode by themselves or with friends. Don’t feel like working together? Battle with friends locally or with strangers online in grand prix mode.


Dawn of the Celestialpod

Developer/Publisher: GWAMM
Price: $5.99
Dawn of the Celestialpod ScreenshotControl a squid’s two super long tentacles in this rescue mission to save your other fellow squids. Grab onto surfaces with your tentacles and swing onto things to avoid obstacles and make it safely. Utilize the game’s physics and propel yourself everywhere.


Jurassic World Evolution

Developer/Publisher: Frontier Developments
Price: $54.99
Jurassic World Evolution PC ScreenshotDevelop and manage your own dinosaur park set on the islands of the Muertes archipelago. Create your own dinosaurs with their own personalities. Will you make them friendly enough for your visitors or do you just want them to guard your facilities? The choice is yours.



Developer: Ruari O’Sullivan
Publisher: Untitled Publisher
Price: $9.99
Overwhelm ScreenshotLooking for a challenge in your next pixel-art action platformer? Try OVERWHELM. One-hit kills and three lives before it’s game over? Check. Limited ammo? Check. Diminishing field of vision after every death? Check. Bosses powering up normal enemies after you defeat them? Check.


Sky Noon (Early Access)

Developer: Lunar Rooster
Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
Price: $14.99
Sky Noon ScreenshotWhat would happen if you gave Western gunslingers a compressed air gun on one hand and a grappling hook gun on the other? You’d have Sky Noon, a first person brawler where there are no health points, just you and the floating islands. Knock your enemies off with your air gun or live another day using your grappling hook. The game supports up to six players online.



Developer: Bugbear
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Price: $44.99
Wreckfest PC ScreenshotAfter spending some time in Early Access, Bugbear is finally ready to send car parts everywhere. Wreck cars to your heart’s content in this demolition derby racing game. Bend and crush metal as you work on upgrading your own car. Tired of destroying computer players? Play with your friends online or hop into challenge mode and drive things like lawn mowers and crop dusters.


Z Dawn (Early Access)

Developer/Publisher: GoldenGod Games
Price: $9.99
Z Dawn ScreenshotTurn-based strategy game where you must gather resources and build settlements while fighting zombies and searching for survivors. Use your resources to craft equipment for your survivors before sending them out to the unknown. Work hard enough and you might just find
the cure.



Developer/Publisher: Brutalsoft
Price: $4.99
Invasion ScreenshotCraving some Galaxian or Space Invaders with all the explosions of a bullet-hell? Try Invasion. The game’s first episode will have you shooting invaders using a variety of weapon upgrades. Even your tank can be upgraded for better performance.


Preventive Strike

Developer/Publisher: TocanaDev
Price: $3.99
Preventive Strike ScreenshotScratch another arcade itch with this isometric vertical shooter. Lots of bullets flying around, lots of power-ups, and more importantly, lots of explosions. Eliminate the enemies as you guide your helicopter back to base.


Brotherhood United

Developer: Greedy Hollow
Publisher: Myoubouh Corp
Price: $4.99
Brotherhood United ScreenshotWhen your friend gets captured by baddies, what would you do? Shoot anyone and everyone that gets in your way, of course! This pixel art run-and-gun game will send you through 20 levels full of enemies, with 8 bosses for you to defeat. Find your favorite weapon and shoot your way through.


Ding Dong XL

Developer/Publisher: Nickervision Studios
Price: $0.99
Ding Dong XL ScreenshotA PC-improved version of the mobile game Ding Dong, XL only requires one button to control. Send your ball up and down the screen while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups. Compete with yourself by going again to get a higher score, or compete with others through the online leaderboard.



Developer/Publisher: Sir Mr Red
Price: $1.99
NEO NEO ScreenshotIf fast-paced, vibrant arcade shooters are your thing, then you might want to check out NEO NEO. Shoot and warp your away around as you dodge bullets and steal your enemies’ souls. But don’t take too long because the temple itself is eager to kill you.


Did your favorite game make it, or did we overlook it instead? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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