Spelunker Party! Spelunker Fun For Everyone Trailer

Get your friends and get ready for exploring after watching Square Enix’s latest trailer for the Switch and Steam game, “Spelunker Party!”. 

This latest trailer, which also doubles as the game’s launch trailer, showcases its multiplayer aspects. With support for up to four players online and offline, players can reach unexplored places together and even revive each other. Universal icons to communicate with other players are also available, eliminating the need to type specific words during gameplay.

Spelunker Party! Spelunker Fun For Everyone Trailer

Over 100 stages are available for discovery, along with time attack and quest modes. Regardless of whether players play solo as Spelunkette or adventuring with friends, Litho-stones are there to help with equipment upgrade, character customization, and helper pets.

“Spelunker Party!” is available now for download on both Steam and Switch eShop for $29.99. Switch owners can also take advantage of the downloadable demo.

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