“Sonic Forces” Gets New Music, Tag Gameplay

Sega gave Sonic fans two new surprises today as they revealed new details for “Sonic Forces”: Metal Sonic (plus soundtrack) and Tag Gameplay.

Dr. Eggman’s Metal Sonic is back again to vanquish Sonic. His accompanying soundtrack is a Kenichi Tokoi techno remix of Stardust Speedway US Version. Metal Sonic’s villainous, and sometimes glitchy presence is showcased here:

Sonic Forces - Metal Sonic

Meanwhile, Sega also revealed that a new mode called tag gameplay is coming to “Sonic Forces.” In this mode, modern Sonic and your custom hero character will team up to take enemies down together. Both characters will take advantage of Sonic’s boost ability and homing attack, along with the hero character’s Wispon abilities and grappling hook.

Speaking of Wispons, the Cube Wispon joins the roster available for the hero character’s arsenal. This ability freezes enemies in cubic prisons and pulverizes them to oblivion. You can see Cube Wispon in action when you watch the tag gameplay video:

Sonic Forces - Tag Team Gameplay First Look

“Sonic Forces” will be available on Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this coming holiday.

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