“Sonic Forces” Digital Preorders Now Live

Those who have been waiting patiently for digital preorders of “Sonic Forces” can finally breathe as preorders go up live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The “Digital Bonus Edition” will have the same bonus content as the physical bonus edition: 13 in-game items to recreate the likenesses of various Sega/Atlus characters. Digital preorders will also come with a Shadow costume, wearable by the hero character. This version will cost $39.99, or 54.99 Canadian dollars, just like its physical counterpart. And while PC preorders are not quite available yet, they will be live on Sept 21.

Also revealed is the Episode Shadow add-on that will be available right on launch day. This content focuses on Shadow and his interaction with the villain Infinite. Three Shadow-focused stages will also be included, along with the ability to play over 10 Modern Sonic stages as Shadow. This content is free to everyone who purchases the game, even those who already have the game preordered.

Curious about Episode Shadow? Watch nearly a minute of gameplay for Shadow below.

Sonic Forces - Episode Shadow Gameplay

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