Santa Claus Joins Fight of Gods Roster

Just in time for the holidays, PQube revealed today that Santa Claus is joining the fray in the indie fighting game Fight of Gods.

Dubbed by the publisher as the God of Christmas, Santa will be a free character for new and current owners of the game. When he releases on Dec 25, Santa will fight with candy canes and Christmas trees. His special move will also involve the jolly man riding on his sleigh and impaling his opponents with reindeer antlers. And because he’s usually best known for his generosity, Santa will also give out deadly gifts to his enemies.

Fight of Gods - Santa Reveal Trailer

PQube also teased another surprise for players but kept the details under wraps. Players will have to figure out how to unlock the secret themselves, according to the publisher. In the meantime, Fight of Gods is 33 percent off on Steam until Dec 20.

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