“Runbow” Jumps to PS4

13AM Games and Headup Games announced together that the colorful party platformer “Runbow” will make its way to PlayStation 4 later this year.

Originally released for the Wii U, “Runbow” is a multiplayer platformer game where players go through obstacles to reach the end first. The game’s background color is constantly changing, making platforms and obstacles disappear. Players must keep their reflexes active while outrunning their opponents at the same time.

Runbow - PS4 Trailer

Since its release on Wii U, the game was also released on Steam, 3DS, and Xbox One. Its local and online multiplayer focus has three options to choose from: Run, Arena, and King of the Hill. The PS4 version will support up to four players locally or nine players online. A single player campaign with 140 levels is also available, along with a high-difficulty challenge called “The Bowhemoth.”

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