Puzzle-platformer “Rehtona” is now on Steam

Try reading "Rehtona" in reverse.

Chinese indie studio Dot 4 Joy’s puzzle platformer Rehtona launched on Steam today for $12.99. The game is also set to release for iOS and Android at a later date.

Set in two contrasting worlds, the game features the story of Rehtona, a girl who got trapped in a world called “World Behind the Gate.” From there, players must aid the girl back home by completing puzzles and finding memory fragments. Every action affects the other world, so players must consider their actions carefully.

See the game in action from the official English trailer below.

Official trailer for Rehtona

About Rehtona

Rehtona tells the story of a girl trapped between two contrasting worlds: the ordinary world, and the World Behind the Gate. After suddenly finding herself alone in the World Behind the Gate, Rehtona collects “memory fragments” (scattered throughout this world) in order to find out what happened – but whenever a complete image is assembled, a memory that doesn’t seem to belong to Rehtona becomes imprinted onto her mind …

Each level features a complete sequence of puzzles derived from the interactions between the two worlds. Players act in one world, and anticipate how it will impact the other world in order to overcome puzzles and find memory fragments.

As she painstakingly collects each missing piece by bouncing between two distinct dimensions, Rehtona’s ultimate quest for the truth may be more than she bargained for – a shocking revelation about herself … and even reality itself.

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