“Raft” Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

After a successful alpha run on itch.io, Redbeet Interactive announced that the oceanic survival game “Raft” is coming to Steam Early Access next year.

“Raft” is a survival game where players are trapped in the middle of the ocean. From here, they must gather resources and debris underwater in order to expand and survive, all while avoiding sharks.

Raft - Announcement Trailer

The game initially appeared on itch.io as a prototype back in December of last year. Since then, it has amassed more than 5 million downloads before being picked up for further development. Axolot Games of the “Scrap Mechanic” fame is working with Redbeet to publish the game.

“The love and dedication Redbeet have for Raft is really inspiring. Since we are both passionate about making survival games with building mechanics, we knew that we would be great partners,” said Kacper Antonius, CEO of Axolot Games.

Online multiplayer will be implemented once the game releases on Steam.

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