Post Human W.A.R. Exits Early Access

Turn-based tactical strategy game Post Human W.A.R. is finally making its way out of Steam‘s Early Access, with a full release scheduled on Dec 14.

Developed by Studio Chahut and published by Playdius, Post Human W.A.R. handles its strategic battles on a hexagonal board with a top-down view. Players control an army from their chosen creature (mutated animals, household robots, or tracksuit monkeys) but with a twist: one of them gets assigned as the champion. From there on out it’s a race against the clock because whoever gets rid first of the enemy champion wins. Players can play against the computer in solo campaign mode or they can play with someone else in local and online multiplayer. The faction that the player chooses affects the narrative in campaign mode.

Post Human W.A.R. launched as an early access game on May 3. Priced at $14.99, the game is currently sitting at 86 percent positive reviews. To celebrate its upcoming full release, the developers made a launch trailer for you to enjoy:

Post Human W.A.R - Release Trailer

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