Pool Panic – Aim and Shoot Trailer

Rekim and Adult Swim Games released a new gameplay trailer for Pool Panic, this time focusing on the game’s “aim and shoot” aspect.

The trailer aims to highlight the game’s simple concept of aiming and shooting to get through everything. Except there always a twist because otherwise everything would be “too simplistic.” The variation in each area covers the “panic” concept of the game, which is also shown in the video below:

Pool Panic releases digitally for Steam and Nintendo Switch on July 19.

About the game

Pool Panic is a sprawling adventure game full of weird things to do with pool balls. Become a mischievous cue ball in a giant game of pool, exploring a colorful cartoon overworld full of cities, carnivals, jungles, deserts and more. Knock around a peculiar cast of billiard balls, solve puzzles, and take down bosses with a unique variety of fun mechanics and strategies.

Play through the entire journey on your own, or challenge friends to a ridiculous pool party in local multiplayer for two to four players.

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