“Poly Bridge” PAX West Switch Trailer

Dry Cactus’ physics-based, bridge-building simulator “Poly Bridge” is coming to Nintendo Switch this holiday season, as shown recently in Nindies Showcase.

Previously released on Steam and iOS App Store, the game offers over 100 campaign puzzles to solve. Sandbox mode gives players the opportunity to engineer and test their own bridges. According to Steam, the game has the following advanced mechanics:

  • Advanced Hydraulics
  • Multi-phase Hydraulics Controller (control which hydraulic piston activates when)
  • Node-base event system
  • Multiple types of checkpoints
  • Copy & Paste tools
  • Line Tracer tools (draw perfect arcs or straight lines and fill them in with your material of choice)

While the eShop price is currently unknown, “Poly Bridge” is currently 50 percent off on Steam.

Poly Bridge: PAX West Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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