Owlboy to Land on Consoles, Store Shelves Soon

D-Pad Studio announced today Owlboy will soon make their way to store shelves, while consoles will get the game digitally early next year.

Celebrating the game’s one year anniversary, D-Pad Studio published a video called “D-Pad Bonanza.” In it, they announced that the game will release simultaneously for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Feb 13. While the console version price is currently unknown, the regular Steam price for reference is $24.99. It is currently discounted for 40 percent, bringing its price down to $14.99 until Nov 2.

Owlboy will also be releasing on store shelves soon, with Dutch publisher SOEDESCO handling the distribution. They will be announcing in the following days how much retail copies will cost and for which platforms. SOEDESCO made a separate trailer for this announcement.

Released via Steam in November 2016, Owlboy is a story-driven platform adventure game presented with pixel art. Despite its long development time, the game has since garnered widespread critical acclaim with its 88 percent Metacritic rating and 92 percent positive Steam rating.


D-Pad Bonanza

D-Pad Bonanza - November 1st - 2017

Owlboy – Retail announcement trailer

Owlboy - Retail announcement trailer


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