“Oriental Empires” Releases on Sept 14

After spending a year in Steam’s Early Access program, publisher Iceberg Interactive announced that “Oriental Empires” is getting a full release on Sept 14.

Oriental Empires” is a turn-based, 4x grand strategy game where players control a city or tribe during the dawn of Chinese history. Everyone starts with a single nation, and it’s up to players to expand their settlement and raise massive armies. All of these take place on a rendered map depicting China and Mongolia, populated with 3D animated models.

Currently sitting at 82 percent positive rating on Steam, the developers have updated the game several times. And for the game’s full launch, they are planning to implement a multiplayer mode. This mode will support up to 15 players in one campaign. Additionally, a new scenario where players can start their journey in the Warring States era is also coming. To see these features in action, check out the trailer below.

Oriental Empires - Launch Trailer

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