“Omen of Sorrow” – Adam and Imhotep Character Reveal

SOEDESCO and AOne Games’ dark fighting game Omen of Sorrow is getting two new characters: Adam and Imhotep.

The two new characters were revealed at EVO, where the game is supposed to have a $500 tournament tomorrow. Read below for each character’s descriptions, then watch the trailer to see their moves.

About Adam

A promising scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein lost his mind to the occult when he became involved with count Vladislav III. It’s from this unholy union between science and magic that Adam was born, at the cost of his father’s life. Today, Adam wanders Europe in search for someone who can bring his father back. In addition to his brutal muscle strength, Adam can also use shocking lightning powers to knock out his enemies.

About Imhotep

The mummified man known as Imhotep claims to have once been a god, who was betrayed and dismembered. His limbs were spread across the world and he has spent millennia trying to put his body back together. In combat, Imhotep can sever his body parts and magically let them attack separately from each other. He also possesses the powers to summon a fiery ball of light and a horde of mummies to the battlefield.

Character Reveal Trailer

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