Omega Labyrinth Z – Announcement Trailer

Dungeon-crawling, role playing game Omega Labyrinth Z is releasing in the West on Spring 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Originally released on July 6 in Japan, the game features female academy students traversing a dungeon. Hidden deep within the dungeon is the Holy Grail, an object said to fulfill anyone’s one true desire. Of course, popular student Aina Akemiya sets out to retrieve this mystical Grail so she can stop feeling self-conscious about herself. The game serves as the sequel to Omega Labyrinth, released back in 2015. Most of the original characters reappear in the sequel, along with new ones.

Omega Labyrinth Z‘s main focus, aside from the dungeon crawling, is increasing the breast size of the characters. Omega powers increase power and chest-size – reaching Z-cup allows players to unleash an ultimate attack.

Don’t believe it? Take a peek in the trailer below:

Omega Labyrinth Z - Announcement Trailer

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