Nintendo Switch Now Has Over 1800 Games

The Nintendo Switch is not even two years old, and yet it already has over 1,800 games; 1,868 to be exact.

Perfectly Nintendo has been diligently maintaining a list of all available Nintendo Switch games, along with extra details like regional breakdowns, amount of games per publisher, and yearly lists. Here are some interesting tidbits from the list:

  • There are 1,868 games released for the Switch worldwide. 1,702 of them are in North America only, 1,689 in Europe, and 1,043 in Japan.
  • 182 games have been released in 2019 so far. 2018 saw 1,298 games total.
  • Hamster has the most games published with 137. Most of their published games are the ACA Neo-Geo titles. Nintendo comes in second with 63 games, while Plug In¬†Digital has 30.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t turn 2 until March 3, so it would be interesting to see if the list of games reaches 2,000 on or before that date.

How many games do you have for your Switch?

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