Nicalis Announces “Dungreed” for Switch

Nicalis announced at Busan Indie Connect Festival (BICFest) that they are bringing Team Horay’s 2D sidescroller Dungreed on the Switch.

Originally released on Steam back in February of this year, Dungreed is a 2D sidescrolling game with procedurally generated levels. Players take on the role of an adventurer who must explore a dungeon that keeps evolving in order to save the town. There are no checkpoints, which means that the dungeon changes its layout with every attempt. Increase your adventurer’s stats to help you get further into the dungeon.

Dungreed is one of the two Korean-developed titles that Nicalis is showcasing at this year’s BICFest. The other title, RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore, releases for the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam this winter. Dungreed does not have a release window yet, but will be playable at BICFest. Here’s the rest of Nicalis’ BICFest lineup:

  • Dungreed (Release date TBA for Nintendo Switch)
  • RemiLore (Coming Winter 2018 to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam)
  • The Binding of Isaac: Repentance (Release dates and platforms TBA)
  • Blade Strangers (Out now for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam)
  • Crystal Crisis (Coming Winter 2018 to Nintendo Switch)

About Dungreed

A quiet and peaceful town was destroyed by a mysterious dungeon and all the townspeople were sucked into the dungeon. You must become an adventurer sent from the kingdom to solve this disaster. Enter the dungeon to face the endless threats, rescue the people and rebuild the town!

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