“Next Up Hero” On Its Way to Switch

Digital Continue will have a game joining the Switch’s eShop next year when they release their upcoming game, “Next Up Hero.”

Next Up Hero Announcement Trailer

“Next Up Hero” is a self-proclaimed tough-as-nails action adventure game with monsters that just can’t wait to kill players. During the journey, one lone hero tries to beat the bosses. But with several obstacles, death is inevitable. Thankfully, a hero’s death leaves behind an echo that the next hero can utilize. Hero echoes turn into computer player companions, which can then be used to make an army of echoes.

The game initially had a closed beta earlier this year, where developers are gathering community feedback. It will also arrive on Steam as Early Access sometime this fall. The devs are hoping to collect ideas for characters, modes, weapons, attacks, and enemy types from the community before the game releases next year for the Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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