Miles & Kilo – Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Miles & Kilo released today for the Nintendo Switch, so we recorded some gameplay footage for you to help you decide whether you want it or not. This pixel art platformer is the sequel to Kid Tripp, both by solo developer Michael Burns.

Now featuring both Miles and his dog Kilo, the game offers two distinct play styles: a traditional platformer with Miles (with optional autorun) and an autorun with Kilo. Each short but challenging stage determines which character plays. Stages are chock full of enemies and obstacles without any checkpoints, but you are free to retry the stage as many times as needed. The game even takes the liberty of counting your deaths per stage for you.

And as a reminder, Kid Tripp owners have until July 12 to get Miles & Kilo with a 50 percent discount. Don’t own the first game? Purchase Miles & Kilo to get its prequel for free.

Intrigued? Watch the gameplay below to get a feel for the game.

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