“Lichtspeer” Zips to Switch on Sept 7

Following a successful release on other platforms, lightspear-throwing game “Lichtspeer” will release for the Switch on Sept 7.

The game will arrive on the eShop as a “Double Speer Edition” which includes co-op mode. For this mode, players and Wunder Hund will fight interdimensional hordes of beasts together. A new save system and gameplay difficulty tweaks are also in this version.

“Lichtspeer” is a game set in an ancient Germanic future where players must hone their lightspear throwing skills. The ancient Germanic land is filled with penguin vikings, wurst zombies, and hipster ice giants; it’s up to you (and your hound) to crush them. This game originally released on Steam and PlayStation 4 back in September of last year.

Lichtspeer - Launch Trailer PC/PS4

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