Kingdom Hearts 3 Paid DLC Revealed at Concert

Looks like Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting its first paid downloadable content soon, tentatively named “Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND.”

According to IGN’s report, Twitter user @YanilynGaming attended the recent Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert in Tokyo where Nomura made a surprise appearance. Nomura supposedly shared the information via a “funny powerpoint presentation,” and revealed that the paid DLC will contain the following:

  • Additional scenario called “ReMIND”
  • A “Limit Episode” with a corresponding boss
  • A “Secret Episode” with a corresponding boss
  • English dub option, probably for the Japanese version of the game

Aside from the paid content listed above, KH3 is also getting another free content: a new keyblade and its corresponding transformation. This would be the second free content of the game, following the release of Critical Mode last week.

Nomura did not offer a lot of details about the upcoming content, though more details are supposed to be announced around June. Perhaps that’s when we’ll know the DLC’s price and release date as well.

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