Kholat Aftermath Part 1 (Comic Book Trailer)

IMGN.PRO’s survival horror game, Kholat, got its story continued with the release of the new comic book, Kholat Aftermath Part 1.

Kholat: Aftermath Part 1 Comic Book Trailer

From the developers:

Kholat: Aftermath Part 1 is a compilation of four seemingly unrelated stories: a mysterious interrogation referring to one of the hidden notes in the game, Grazeniuk’s letter to his fiancée, a call for help from a Section 22 prisoner and an investigation being overseen by two Moscow militiamen. What will happen next to the people of Kholat? Is all that happened nothing but the product of Grazeniuk’s sick imagination? Or is somebody trying to hide the fact that the unexplained experiments that took place in Section 22 got out of control? Will Anton’s identity finally be revealed? Answers to all those questions await in Kholat: Aftermath Part 1!


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