Just One Line Releases Demo, Major Update

Text-based adventure game Just One Line released a free demo of their game on Steam, along with an Early Access update, and a new trailer.

The demo for this text-based, 3D world game allows players to create their adventurer using the game’s character creation menu. They will also experience three quests out of the multiple ones available. This demo aims to give them a taste of the old style text-based questing, with a 3D environment as a backdrop. The trailer below showcases this gameplay in action.

Just One Line - Trailer #2

Aside from the demo and the new trailer, developer JOL Studios also released an update for the Early Access version of the game. This update is called “The Prohibitionist Update,” and will shift the focus from drinking liquor to upgrading equipment. New stats and prices for items in the armory, along with improved quest functionality, are the main contents of the update.

Just One Line‘s Early Access version costs $9.99 and currently has an 86 percent rating on Steam. It originally released back in July 10, but there are currently no details on when the game will get out of Early Access.

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