Intragames Releases “Survive! Mr. Cube” on Switch

Korean-based publisher Intragames marks their second global release today, this time with Survive! Mr. Cube on the Switch.

Original released for the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, Survive! Mr. Cube is a roguelite action game that features the story of Mr. Cube. The titular character must survive by upgrading various stats and fighting a slew of monsters, with the ultimate goal of getting his normal life back. All enhancements and weapons are lost after dying, except for any earned gold which can be used for merchant trades. Dungeon layouts and boss spawns are also randomly generated for each playthrough, and your character’s appearance changes with every attempt.

Here’s the game’s English trailer:

Survive! Mr.Cube Eng. Trailer

Survive! Mr. Cube was developed by a three-man in-house team, and its PS4 release this year was Intragames’ first Western foray. The game is also the first of five global releases that the Korean publisher is planning for 2018. It is currently available in the Switch eShop for $14.99.

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