“Hypertrain” Leaves Early Access Feb 28

Funcraft Games announced today that Hypertrain is finally ready to leave Steam’s Early Access on February 28.

Hypertrain initially released in Early Access on May 3 last year.  Described by its creators as a “high-speed bullet train simulation survival game,” Hypertrain lets you drive a high-speed train through rail networks with other trains. You start with five wagons, and you can pull more by completing deliveries and earning money. Your wagons can transport both goods and people, and it’s up to you to complete your journeys as an honest train operator or as a marauder. Your ultimate goal is to reach 50 wagons.

The celebrate the game’s full release, the game will be discounted to 25 percent for five days, starting on February 28. Its regular price is $9.99.

Here are the game’s features:

  • world’s first 1000kmph hyper-speed bullet train simulator.
  • a procedurally generated world consisting of dangerous roads and huge cities to explore.
  • earn extra by clearing marauder nests, racing in time trials, exploring cities and hunting for bounty.
  • get creative and use your ‘s build function to create massive rollercoasters!
  • play solo or in local- or online multiplayer.

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