Hunt Early Access Treasure in “Miasma Caves”

Windy Games’ pacifist roguelike Miasma Caves launched on Steam’s Early Access today with a 15 percent discount on its $19.99 retail price.

Miasma Caves focuses on the adventures of dragon girl Lesath, who aims to use her treasure hunting to reinvigorate her home village. The game is dubbed as a “pacifist” because Lesath won’t be fighting at all; instead, she must avoid environmental dangers while keeping her vitality. Losing consciousness in the cave means losing all of the treasure you’ve found so far. Make it back safely so you can sell your loot and socialize with the locals.

According to the Early Access notes for the game, Windy Games is aiming to release Miasma Caves in Fall 2019. They also promised that the price will stay at $19.99 when the game gets its full launch.

In the meantime, you can watch the game’s Early Access trailer below.

About Miasma Caves

Miasma Caves is a pacifist rogue-like game focused on exploration and discovery. The story follows Lesath, a bookish dragon girl who has taken up the family business of treasure hunting to help reinvigorate her village, Radiant Ridge. As Lesath, you venture into the caves, looking for treasures while avoiding the natural environmental dangers. There are many secrets hidden in the caves and treasures that you can appraise to learn about the lore of the treasure and the world. A day of adventuring ends with you bringing back your treasures to town to sell so you can resupply, upgrade the village, and catch up with the locals before you head back to the caves to get even deeper!

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