“GWENT” Gets Story Campaign, eSports Series

CD Projekt Red, the creators behind “GWENT,” announced recently that the game will have a single player story campaign and an eSports series.

The single player campaign for the game is called “Thronebreaker,” focusing on a war veteran queen named Meve. Her kingdom is facing invasion and she must defend her kingdom.

For this campaign, players will get to explore new parts of “The Witcher” world. Custom battles made only for the story campaign will also engage players to keep them on their feet. “Thronebreaker” releases sometime this year for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, competitive players looking to play “GWENT” can test their skills by entering “GWENT Masters.” This new eSports series is season-based, sprinkled everywhere via official and licensed tournaments. Winners will have the chance to compete in the final series in order to win as the world champion. Rule sets, tournament dates, and game formats are available at the Masters website.

“GWENT” is a deck-building card game based on “The Witcher” series. Players battle each other with carefully constructed decks, unleashing strategies at each other until a winner emerges.

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