GTA Online Releases New Vehicle, Discounts

“Grand Theft Auto Online” goes classic as they release their newest vehicle for this week’s update: the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic.

The new car is available to purchase for $885,000 from Legendary Motorsports. Here’s how Rockstar introduced the vehicle today:

The Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic has matured like a fine vintage wine, each passing year adding something mysterious to its allure. Step inside this deeply customizable Sports Classic today and experience the kind of technique and self-assurance only time (or a supercharged engine blower) can bestow – now available from Legendary Motorsport.

Aside from the new car, GTA Online players can also enjoy double payouts and vehicle discounts. From now until the 18th, players can earn twice the money and reputation from Motor Wars, Rockstar-created Stunt Races, and Smuggler’s Run sell missions. Additionally, bodyguards and associates working for SecuroServ also earn twice the salary.

To help players spend their money, the game is also having a 25 percent discount on the following:

  • Countermeasures for aircrafts in the hangar workshop
  • Aircraft engine and armor upgrades
  • Purchase price for Truffade Nero and Pegassi Tempesta
  • Engine and armor upgrades for all cars

And last but not the least, this week’s premium race and time trial schedule will be active until Sept 18. The premium stunt race is called “Big M” and is only limited to motorbikes. Meanwhile, the time trial is at Los Santos International Airport.

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