Play As Gordon Freeman in FFXV Windows Edition

If you’ve always dreamed of playing as Gordon Freeman while driving around Final Fantasy XV, you’re in luck: Steam purchases of the Windows Edition of the game will come with the Half-Life Costume Pack.

Square Enix revealed recently the exclusive bonuses that each preorder/purchase will get depending on the store. For Steam buyers of the base game and the multiplayer expansion, they have until May 1 to receive the Half-Life Pack, which includes Freeman’s HEV Suit, Scientist Glasses, and Crowbar for Noctis. Watch the set in action from the trailer below:

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition - Half-Life Pack Trailer

Additionally, those who preorder will also get another bonus called “FFXV Fashion Collection,” which contains four shirts with various effects:

  • The strength-enhancing EPISODE GLADIOLUS Tee
  • The HP recovery rate-increasing EPISODE PROMPTO Tee
  • The critical hit rate-increasing EPISODE IGNIS Tee
  • The maximum HP-increasing COMRADES Tee

Meanwhile, Origin preorders will come with the “FFXV Decal Selection,” containing a set of decals that are usable for the Regalia car. Microsoft Store preorders will have the “FFXV Powerup Pack,” containing a defense-slashing sword called Dodanuki, 10 phoenix downs, and 10 elixirs. Early purchase bonuses for both storefronts will be announced at a later date.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition releases on March 6 but a demo is already available. To help prepare your machine for the game, Square Enix prepared a downloadable benchmark application.

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