“Get Over Here” Launch Trailer

QUByte Interactive announced recently that Reload Game Studio’s “Get Over Here” is releasing in the Americas on Sept 12 for PlayStation 4.

To coincide with the game’s release date announcement, the two companies have also published a launch trailer for the game.

Get Over Here – Launch Trailer | PS4

“Get Over Here” is a battle arena game where players finish off foes with a hook gun. As a reality show contestant, players must score based on the set arena goal: kills only, lives, kills minus deaths, and kill streaks. The first one to reach the goal or the one with the highest score wins the battle.

To make the game even more interesting, it supports up to four players locally. They have a choice between 12 stylized characters and 7 different studios with different traps. There are two modes available: Tournament, where players face four rounds with different goals; and Quick Play, where players can practice against bots or play with friends.

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