Genetic Disaster to Release Full Version Dec 15

Cooperative roguelike twin-stick shooter Genetic Disaster is finally ready to get out of Steam’s Early Access and into its full release on Dec 15.

Developed by Team 8, Genetic Disaster puts up to four players working together to escape the mansion. Taking on the role of Sneaky, Panic, Devil, and Bunker, players must shoot their way in order to survive. Friendly fire can also throw a wrench in your plans, but don’t worry: you can share lives if you’re feeling generous.

The game entered Early Access on October 30 and currently has a positive rating of 84 percent. Its price of $19.99 will stay the same for the full release.



  • Co-op local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • 4 charismatic characters, each with their own skills
  • Seamless and automatic gameplay balance adjustments depending on the number of players
  • Hand-painted characters and environments
  • Upgrade your hero throughout levels
  • PC and Game pad compatible controls



Genetic Disaster Trailer

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