Fly the Skies with Bombushka on GTA Online

Take to the skies this week and polish your piloting skills with “Grand Theft Auto Online” and its newest plane in the roster, the RM-10 Bombushka.

This enormous Cold War bomber is outfitted with three .50-caliber turrets and can be upgraded to carry incendiary or cluster bombs. The plane has seats for up to six people, protected by front, top, and rear-mounted guns. Warstock Cache and Carry will be the place to go for those who wish to purchase the aircraft.

To celebrate the arrival of the Bombushka, players can now participate in a new mode called “Bombushka Run.” With this mode, two teams of up to four people face off against each other. One team will pilot the heavily-armed Bombushka, while the other team will work together to bring the plane down with Buzzard attack helicopters. Teams will switch sides after the first round, and whoever survived with the plane the longest wins the game. As an incentive, players will receive double the money and reputation payout when playing Bombushka Run until Sept 25.

Aside from the new plane, hangar workshops are offering a 25 percent discount this week. Aircraft weapons, liveries, resprays, mobile operations center cabs, and executive offices also have their prices slashed.

And for those who are interested in premium races and time trial events, the rotation has changed. Premium Stunt Race for this week is called “Water Slide,” limited to Blazer Aqua only. Meanwhile, the time trial has moved to Calafia Way.

If you missed last week’s update with the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic, check out our coverage here.

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