Find “Mom Hid My Game!” On Switch and 3DS

One of the curious-looking titles from the Summer 2017 Nindie Showcase is “Mom Hid My Game!,” coming to Switch and 3DS this winter.

“Mom Hid My Game!” puts players’ creativity to the test by way of puzzle-solving. In this game, your mother has taken all measures to hide your game, and it’s up to your wits to find them. Some of the hiding spots are simple, such as under the couch, while some hiding spots are unconventional (inside a crocodile’s mouth). Each stage is presented as days, and you must keep finding your game everyday in order to progress.

This game originally came out as a free download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Released by hap Inc. as “Hidden my game by mom,” the game is actually well-reviewed in both stores.

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