Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Now on Steam

1C Entertainment and RuneHeads announced that Fall of Light on Steam is finally getting the Darkest Edition update for free.

Billed as the game’s definitive edition, the Darkest Edition update includes improvements in the base game, along with new dungeons, enemies, weapons, and many others. This version of the game initially launched for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in August 2018 before making its way to PC. Meanwhile, the original version of Fall of Light launched on Steam back in September 2017.

Aside from new content, here’s a list of changes that came with the Darkest Edition update:

  • Revamp of the hitboxes
  • Improved combat animations
  • Nyx stats rebalanced
  • Aether stats rebalanced
  • Enemies’ stats rebalanced
  • Sunray sequence rebalanced
  • Improved performances
  • New visual effects
  • New lantern behavior
  • Also, increase the oil duration and charging time speeded up
  • New sound effects
  • Quality of life: roll/dodge and run have two separated buttons
  • Minor Bug fixes

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