Explore the Night with “Light Fall” on Switch

Canadian indie game studio Bishop Games announced recently that they are bringing their 2D platformer “Light Fall” to Nintendo Switch in March 2018.

Originally announced for release on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, “Light Fall” gives players a platformer-based challenge in a light-deprived world. Using an item called “Shadow Core,” players can propel themselves up in the air to traverse Numbra’s terrains. A night owl named Stryx will accompany players by serving as their grumpy narrator. Stryx has a tendency to shift between giving good advice and mocking players’ mistakes. The game also boasts a plethora of shortcuts, alternate paths, hidden collectibles, easter eggs, and online leaderboard.

Light Fall - Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

“The versatile Nintendo Switch is a perfect fit for Light Fall and we’re looking forward to letting Tokyo Game Show attendees be the first to experience the game on the console,” said David Dion-Paquet, co-founder and president of Bishop Games.

The game’s first playable build on the console is located at the Indie Game Area of the TGS show floor.

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